Back when I still had black in my hair. Even more of a baby face haha
Bromancing the Boston at the Beech’s 😘🐶🚿🏊🎉🎆
Latergram from Sunday when I did my last hair appointment in LA and hung out in a kiddie pool with @lolarocknrollah and Oona while we showered each other with an adorable yellow watering can to beat the heat ☀️🔥💛🌻😊
Flashback of a flashback. 1989? I look so much like Oona. And my grandma was so young here! Going to see her for the first time in about 4 years next month. Hometown Duluth, MN haha.
@thenikkidodge got to be my first client since I officially moved back to San Diego. She hasn’t had anyone else cut her hair since I cut it from this length to a pixie about 4 years ago! Missed that beautiful mane 😘
Exactly 2 years ago when I had blue hair and lived in LA. Just said goodbye to that apartment on Sunday! 😭
Oona is so happy to be in San Diego. So funny how that pillowcase and a bunch of other things she uses now used to be mine as a kid. So nostalgic! She makes my heart grow to bursting!
I always get so happy on Friday the 13th. It’s like an extra day of Halloween without the costumes!
Looking at pictures of Oona from just 2 years ago makes me realize how fast time goes and how much older she looks now. So crazy!
After Dahlia had to get out of the water at @theroxannecrisp pool today, Oona and I played a footsie push and pull game. I love her adorable little feet!
My brother painted my portrait from a photo he took of me on Halloween last year as the EVIL QUEEN from Snow White and I LOVE IT! 😍😍😍😍
Check out these totally RAD comic flats I received for my birthday coming up! Thanks Kris!! I’ve always had a thing for DAGGER 😍 Get whoever you want on them!
Fairy maiden metal band! 🔮🎸🎶😈